About us

Elettroimpianti, Specialists in lighting for interior design

Decades of experience coming mobile Industry partner

Elettroimpianti has been doing business in the furniture illumination sector since 1977.
Establishment of 7500 m² has situated in Prata di Pordenone in the furniture industrial zone.
From 2000 she have a CSQ quality certification under the rule ISO 9001:2008 that guarantee quality and security products to her customer.

Highly trained technicians, a management team that is open to new investments, a skilled and proactive purchasing department, an effective and attentive sales network and - last but not least - an efficient and flexible production department have all contributed to the company’s constant growth.

Elettroimpianti pay attention to integrate the new technology and new style imposed from the current furniture market, finding the right balance between design, quality , efficiency and easy to use.